Managing brand and legal compliance in a decentralized environment should not be difficult—and it is not with the Lorex Direct Marketing Center (DMC). Channel marketers have access to approved content—and fulfillment—of nearly every marketing tactic. Brand police become brand nurturers and the attorneys can all sleep at night knowing that compliance is assured.


Local channel marketers need a complete tool box and the Lorex Direct Marketing Center delivers:

  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Banner/Microsites
  • TV/Radio
  • Print/Collateral
  • Print Media
  • E-Brochures
  • Billboard
  • Store Branding
  • Event Marketing
  • Promotional Products

Flexible Workflow/Asset Management

Some marketers prefer to provide a large library of creative options for their channel partners to browse, select, customize and buy.

Other marketers prefer to show a smaller library but offer the ability to customize the content on the fly with approved headlines, copy, images, legal and offers.

Neither option is the “right” way to structure a marketing portal, so we offer both. With either workflow, your brand guidelines are followed to the letter and all of your marketing is legally compliant.

Even better, marketing fulfillment happens directly from the Shopping Cart. Your channel partners don’t need to download ads and then find a vendor to fulfill the marketing.

It’s that easy! Want to learn more?

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