COOP and MDF utilization by channel partners is commonly in the 50% range. While some channel marketers count on that breakage, most prefer that their partners use the funds to grow their business. We help you increase COOP and MDF utilization by solving the three biggest challenges:

  • Brand and Legal Compliance
  • Ease of Use Fulfillment
  • Streamlined Reimbursement

Brand & Legal Compliance

You would not have a Director of Marketing litigate a trial, so why have Legal run the Marketing Department? Legal compliance is mandatory and everyone knows the costs of non-compliance are high. Our Content Lock Up System takes the bottleneck of legal compliance out of the approval process while ensuring that partners comply with legal and branding.

Ease of Use Fulfillment

Just as Legal can be a barrier for channel marketers, the coop marketing process is not often seamless. Over fifteen years of channel marketing experience has taught us how to build a simple channel marketing workflow that expedites the process—so your partners spend more time responding to leads and less tangled up in red tape.

Streamlined Reimbursement

Reimbursement lead time directly affects COOP and MDF utilization. Lengthy reimbursement timeframes are a wet blanket on the partners—and that hurts everyone’s bottom line.

Talk to us about immediate COOP Reimbursement: it works!

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