Do channel partners complain that their marketing “doesn’t work”? The marketing may be creating interest, but perhaps the prospects are engaging with another channel partner, corporate sales or a competitive provider instead. The marketing worked, but not for the channel partner who wrote the check. In today’s interconnected world, marketing in silos is dead. We solve this problem by creating an engagement path that leads back to the channel marketer.

Today’s savvy consumers and corporate buyers like to buy but they do not want to be “sold”. They want to conduct their research online with no direct contact until well into the decision making process. They often make 80-90% of their purchasing selection prior to speaking with a sales associate. The successful strategy both motivates and encourages the prospect to engage with the marketer. And it allows the marketer to engage the prospect on the communication platform of their choice.

How It Works:

  • Traditional media strategies like print, radio, direct mail and event marketing are linked with targeted and tracked micro sites
  • Online, banner and social media are linked using same methodology
  • Prospect records are created and updated in real time
  • Personalized email, SMS/Text and direct mail communication to prospect based on their platform preference and timeline
  • Manage triggered marketing based on the interest and activity of the prospect
  • Use Lead Scoring to funnel only sales-ready leads to sales agents in high volume environment

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