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Multi-Touch, Grass Roots Tactics Are Key to Successful Marketing at the Neighborhood Level

You need prospects to remember your company as their best local resource. The more tactics and touches a company uses to publicize its brand, the more likely they will be to impress prospects. They will be more likely to call you—and they will buy from you.

The premise of the Own the Neighborhood™ Program is to focus multiple low cost marketing tactics—or touches—in a small area versus spreading them over much larger areas which can water down your message if you are on a tight budget.

Consider everything when you consider touches:

  • How you get your first job in an area or neighborhood
  • Branding on your company vehicle
  • Clothing the employee wears
  • Follow up and referral marketing with the new customer
  • Neighbor marketing around the job site

Marketing tactics—or touches-should work in tandem with one another. This increases the exposure of the promotion exponentially. Multi-touch, multi-channel marketing can increase sales as much as 50% over one-touch marketing.

Why Choose Lorex For Local Marketing?

Seven Easy Steps to Increased Sales:

  • Select the right neighborhood by using our Geographic and Demographic Mapping Tools
  • Get your first job by marketing to selected neighborhood using one of our many marketing tactics
  • Employees and company vehicles have your branding
  • Employees places a yard sign in front of new job
  • Employees “cloverleaf” neighboring homes with Post-it® Notes or door hangers
  • Direct Mail sent to homes closest to the job site
  • New customers receive dealer Refer-A-Friend offer via email, text/SMS and direct mail

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