Project Description

Everyone knows that the cost of acquiring a new customer is higher than the cost of retaining an existing one. Then why are Loyalty Programs so often neglected? Lack of structured programs is the number one reason according to our clients. We solved this by developing several turnkey Loyalty Programs that address many of the reasons customers leave a provider:

  • Unhappiness with service provided or installation
  • Sticker shock or misunderstanding about the initial bill for the product or service
  • Inability to receive help or support from provider—or extreme difficulty in determining how to get it
  • Sticker shock over price change at the end of the initial promo period
  • Lack of knowledge about alternative products or offers that a provider has available

Our programs can be tailored to virtually any product or service. Scheduled contacts via direct mail, email and text message address client specific communication needs. This facilitates a nurturing relationship by alleviating critical “pain points” for customers.


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