To help businesses increase revenue in a sustainable model.

In the day-to-day activity associated with our mission, we are committed to these values


Being Honest

nothing is more important than your word.


Being Professional

when dealing with clients or peers, treating others as you would like to be treated.


Being Urgent

our work has a direct impact on our clients bottom line. Act with urgency. It makes a difference.


Being Direct

listen intently and communicate directly. There is no room for grey when communicating.


Being Supportive

internally and externally, we have a common mission—everyone gets there faster by paddling in the same direction.


Being Innovative

the rate of change is exponential. Embrace it.


Being Grounded

living a full life outside of work gives you a better perspective professionally. Working hard makes for a better personal life. They are intertwined.


Being Empathetic

no matter your lot in life, others are much less fortunate.

Lorex is proud to support the following charitable organizations

Innovative Capabilities


Innovative Capabilities

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

We are a marketing and fulfillment firm that integrates sophisticated digital strategies with traditional communications tactics to advance our clients’ advertising agendas. Our successful mix of offline and online tactics helps clients communicate effectively in today’s constantly evolving media environment.

Marketing Infrastructure

Lorex provides a powerful marketing infrastructure.

Turnkey products and services

We support a system of turnkey products and services that bring you highly focused data gathering tools and marketing tactics.

Up Your Game

We help you transform business marketing programs.

Full Cycle Marketing

Our highly trained workforce brings you a full-cycle network of services with innovative tools to help you manage all facets of your marketing campaigns.


Span media types and verticals

Marketing With Multiple Levels

We offer many different multi-channel marketing packages that can be custom tailored to meet all of your marketing needs.