Marketing tactics and stratgies that get results!

Marketing Fulfillment

Direct mail gets noticed

Direct mail can also help marketers reduce churn with Loyalty Programs. Even better, combining Loyalty Programs with Referral Programs improves customer retention while generating additional revenue at a very low cost per acquisition.


Target Facebook Sponsored Ads

Our GIS for Marketing  platform allows you to target Facebook Sponsored Ads in ways thought unimaginable.


Complex geographical footprints and comprehensive demographic targeting are easily done. Plus, Attribution buckets can be created to show conversion trends when using Facebook Ads.


If you don’t require hyper-targeting with GIS, we can build custom audiences that complement your strategy. You decide the level of targeting and we build and execute the campaigns.


Facebook is a great complement to other marketing tactics like Direct Mail and Digital Display Ads–even your Door-to-Door campaigns. Ask us how we map door knocking campaigns and run overlay campaigns using Facebook, Digital Display Ads and Direct Mail!

Advertising Technology has advanced

Advertising Technology has advanced dramatically. Has your strategy been updated with the latest, cookie-free Ad Tech?


Cookie-based Ad Tech is old school because of challenges with fraud, inaccurate geographic targeting, poor demographic profiling and the inability to run an accurate Attribution.


All of this is solved with IP-to-Address technology and our GIS for Marketing  Platform:


→IP Match appends an IP Address of an modem to the physical address of the location of the modem. True, address-level Digital Display Ads can be run with an address-level Attribution on the campaign


→Address Match reverses the IP Match algorithm. Website pixels capture the IP address of the site visitor. The IP-to-Address algorithm determines the physical address of the site visitor.  The physical, mailing address can be used for Direct Mail, running Attribution and more!


→Geo-Replay goes a step beyond. Mobile devices are linked to the home address–and the associated IP address–of the device owner. Browsing is not required to capture the Device ID and Opt In is also not required. You can even query a mapped area for Device ID’s up to six months in the past–or a specific date range like a special event. Geo-Replay is better than geo-fencing which limits you to serving to displays ads only to a mapped target area, in real-time, only to targets that have opted-in.

EDDM is the right choice

Some marketers don’t require highly targeted Direct Mail. For them, Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is the right choice for small, local marketing campaigns in which you want everyone to receive your direct mail message.


Use our online EDDM mapping tool to select your targeted postal carrier routes. While you do have the ability to choose your postal carrier routes by some basic demographics, you mail to everyone on the routes you choose.


Upload your own art or use our online postcard designer to create your own EDDM postcards.


Have us mail for you–or we can prepare the campaigns and ship them to you for delivery to your local post office.


Contact us for more details!

Printed Marketing Materials

The best place to check out an array Printed Marketing Materials is at our marketing portal:


Many pre-designed templates are available for a number of different businesses and organizations. You can even edit and customize them online specifically for your business. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out and we can design an item for you that meets your needs.


Flyers, Brochures, Postcards, Post-It Notes, Business Cards and much more. Need an item that is not on the portal? Let us know. We can create something custom!


Need ideas? Here are five ways simple flyers can help you promote your business or organization:


1. Bill Stuffers: Talk to other local businesses in town to see if they will include your flyer with their monthly bill statement mailings or other customer communications.


2. Events: Everyone seems to scramble to set up for events—even when they have known about them for months. Plan ahead and make sure that you have up-to-date sales flyers along with a good tent, banners and other show materials. We have just about everything you need to prepare for your event. Call Now!


3. Customer Communications: Include your flyers with any and all customer communications. Don’t limit yourself to using this as a stand alone piece.


4. Public Bulletin Boards: Place your flyers in laundromats, gas stations, grocery stores and on any public bulletin boards. Make sure your flyer is available in all of these waiting locations.


5. Pizza Delivery: Talk to your local pizza shops about sticking these to the tops of pizza boxes that go out for delivery. One pizza shop can sell hundreds of pizzas per week in take out and delivery.

Yard Signs for local marketing

Yard Signs complement any local marketing strategy!


Often overlooked, Yard Signs work as a stand alone–or support the messaging of your Direct Mail and Digital campaigns. They reinforce the message and let people know that the marketer is local.


Place them on jobs sites, around target neighborhoods or at any intersection where passers-by will stop and notice them.


Visit to customize your Yard Signs online. Don’t have time, contact us and we will design one for you.

Banners are great for in-store sales

Banners are great for in-store sales and promotion, events or anywhere that you need a LARGE message.


Visit to customize your Banners online. Don’t have time, contact us and we will design one for you.


UV Vinyl stands up to the sun and the weather. Hang outside or inside. Order from one of the standard sizes or have us create something REALLY large!


Be sure to order Banners for your trade show booth and Promotional Items to customize your organization’s display for a special event!

Promotional Items reinforce your brand

Promotional Items reinforce your brand with current customers and prospects alike!


Send current customers branded items like cups and mouse pads to remind them to re-order from you. Print contact information and ordering instructions on the item to make ordering easy!


Be sure to stock up on Promotional Items for any event or show in which you participate. Print a special offer on the item for first time buyers to encourage them to take action!


Contact us for more details!