Our Programs Combine Online With Traditional Marketing Tactics

Automated Marketing Programs

New Mover



New Movers are prime targets for home-related services but also for community outreach.


New Movers need internet service, lawn care, pest control, furnace cleaning and a long list of others. Contact them within days of their move-in date and create a loyal customer before the competition has a chance.


Home services are important but unrelated local products and services providers should also want to take the chance to create loyal customers. Personal care salons, restaurants, medical service providers and others can start prospects off on the right track–right to your door.


Automated Direct Mail is the clear choice, but IP Digital Display campaigns augment the direct mail and increase conversion–and branding–with the new prospects.


Faith-based organizations also use New Mover Programs to expand their flock. Don’t forget to ask about our Non-Profit discounts!


New Mover campaigns are completely automated. Once we define your service area, we automatically market to them We automate the process, so we mail to the new movers every week in your service area with your customized artwork.

Radius Marketing



Radius Marketing around current customers is one of the most effective home products/services marketing strategies. You have a positive reference within the neighborhood and happy customers are more likely to refer you to others.


That’s great news from a return on marketing investment standpoint, but don’t forget the impact of having many customers in one neighborhood. You’ll reduce your operational costs if you can service multiple residences within a short distance of each other.


PLUS, don’t forget the power of a referral! Neighbors talk about service providers. If one is unhappy, others in the neighborhood may also be unhappy. Where you convert one unhappy customer over to your company, others are sure to follow. Get them talking. When neighbors talk, your phone rings.



TIP: Be sure to include the “Your Neighbor…” messaging on the address side of your postcard. Examples would be: “Your Neighbor Just Got [your product] from [your company]”! “Your Neighbor Just Started [your service] from [your company]”!

IP Webleads


Wouldn’t it be great to know the home or business mailing address of an anonymous website visitor? IP Webleads does just that!


By placing a pixel on your website, we can identify the IP Address of anonymous visitors. The patent-pending, IP-to-Address algorithm determines the physical, mailing address of the site visitor. We then send Direct Mail to those website visitors using our Targeted Direct Mail. By turning website visitors into a mailing list, you can send powerful conversion offers to get them to buy.


Your target list can be refined using our GIS for Marketing platform to ensure that the prospects are in the right footprint and meet the proper demographics.


Once those prospects are mapped, it also makes it easier to combine follow up strategies like Direct Mail with others like Door-to-Door sales.



Geo-Replay allows you to capture consumer’s Mobile Device ID’s at high value locations like where they work, where they shop, events they attend or activities they engage in. By mapping and capturing the Device ID’s, we can attribute the likely home address and then target them with address-level Digital Display Ads–across all of the devices in the home.


Since we have the mailing address, we can also send the prospect Targeted Direct Mail.


Geo-Replay allows you to go back in time—up to six months. You can pick a single day or a window of time. No Opt In is required and you can serve them even when they are outside of the polygon.


Geo-Fencing cannot accomplish this with the use of cookies and cell tower triangulation. It also requires the ad recipient to have opted into the ad network and be actively browsing within the polygon to see an ad. Geo-Replay is simply better than Geo-Fencing.


business to business Multi-channel


Whether targeting large Enterprise, mid-size, SMB’s or Small Office/Home Office, marketing alone will not always fill the funnel. A coordinated effort between Sales and Marketing nearly always proves to be the best strategy.


Prospects screen calls and emails. In today’s new Work from Home standards, it is difficult to even determine where the prospect might physically be at any given time. A more integrated a approach between Sales and Marketing is the answer.


Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns hold the best results for most organizations. Direct Mail and Email campaigns nurture and engage with prospects from a brand and offer standpoint. Outbound calls from Sales provide an update loop back to Marketing–and creates the opportunity for one-on-one sales effort.


Products and Services vary, so campaigns are typically customized around the needs and typical sales cycle.