GIS for Marketing

GIS Mapping

Your customer file is a treasure trove of useful marketing information. So are your Buyer and Responder/Non-Buyer Files. Data profiling alone is a start, but GIS Mapping takes it to another level. We let you visualize clients and their underlying demographics within the context of each local market. With this, you can drive your marketing spend to the tactics and demographics that work best—on a market by market basis.

With GIS for Marketing, you are not constrained to using standard boundaries like zip codes or county lines to define territories or target markets. You can target direct mail and online digital ads—at the address-level—to markets and territories that are completely under your control. Our GIS Mapping Tools do that and more.


Many industries already operate in a map-driven environment. If so, we can integrate those with our mapping platforms using with any standard KML, SHP or GeoJSON file formats.


If GIS for Marketing is a new concept, target markets can easily be created using Google Earth Pro (see Google for free options from their site). We ingest these maps into our GIS Platform and apply the data and demographic analysis that GIS allows.


Find more of the right Direct Mail, Digital and Facebook targets using the data behind our maps!